Fearless dogs: An Online Course to Reduce Fear and Anxiety in dogs

Helping dogs conquer fear and build resilience
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Does your dog struggle with fear and anxiety? Or do you work with excessively fearful and anxious dogs?

Is your dog afraid of loud noises, thunder, fireworks, or specific objects?

Or is your dog constantly alert, seemingly anxious, hesitant to explore new situations. Perhaps your dog can’t relax due to their constant vigilance?

A fearful or anxious dog is tough for any dog parent, even if you already have a lot of experience with dogs. Are you worried about your dog’s wellbeing due to their excessive fear and anxiety?

Do you recognize this?

Your dog:

What to do when you have a fearful or anxious dog

There are many different aspects to think about when you have a fearful dog. A critical factor in helping your dog with anxiety is to improve the emotional state of your dog.

There is a clear link between excessive (chronic) stress and anxiety. This is most often due to excess stress in the dog’s life and because the dog’s environment doesn’t always match the dog’s individual needs. So the main purpose of this self-paced course is to teach you how to manage your dog’s stress levels and take a critical look at their behaviour and environment.

In this course, you’ll learn how to read your dog’s mind through their body language, so that you can recognize early signs of unease. This will help you to interfere early and avoid your dog from becoming too stressed and anxious.

You’ll also learn the principles of stress coping and stress management. We’ll discuss important concepts such as the role of control and predictability in managing stress in dogs. Reducing stress and stress management is only one part of the puzzle though. This course will also discuss how to meet your dog’s need to express their natural behaviours, and why this is so important for fear reduction and good well-being.

Your relationship with your dog may also be more difficult due to your dog’s excessively fearful behaviours. In this course, we’ll also work on understanding how dogs form relationships with us, their humans.  You’ll also learn how to foster a healthy relationship and built trust. A trusting relationship is incredibly important for fearful and anxious dogs.

Helping your dog to feel better can also benefit your own mental health. Dogs are sensitive creatures, and it can be heartbreaking to see your dog in distress. By taking steps to help your dog feel more comfortable and secure, you can also feel more confident and relaxed.

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How to take this course?

In three simple steps

Step 1

Enroll in the course

Step 2

Watch the videos, read the text, fill out the workbooks, do the exercises and join the live Q&A.

Step 3

Transform your dog from stressed and anxious to calm and happy. While improving your relationship at the same time.

Meet your teacher

Hi, I’m Dr. Else and I’m an Associate Professor in animal welfare, specialising in dog behaviour, cognition, stress, anxiety and the neuro-endocrinology that controls these processes. I have helped hundreds of animals overcome their stress and fear over the last 15 years. 

My vision is that behavioural problems are only the surface of the real issue. We often only pay attention once our dog’s behaviour is undesirable, but the cause of the behaviour lies much deeper and started long before we first noticed it. 

We can only change our dog’s behavioural patterns and ‘break’ the cycle of anxiety when we begin to understand why dogs behave the way they do, and by meeting their underlying emotional needs. An important part of my approach is therefore to address their underlying emotional needs, which is why I created this course.

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What you will learn in this course:

Understand and recognize stress in your dog.

How to identify stress triggers.

How to help your dog to feel more relaxed.

Understand why and how chronic stress is linked to fear and anxiety.

Understanding predictability and controllability.

How to build better stress resilience.

Understand behavioural needs.

Knowing the importance of activity, rest and sleep.

Improve your relationships and attachment to your dog.

How to build more trust.

Course content delivery

This self-study course is conveniently offered by email. Every 2-4 days you’ll receive an email directly in your inbox. The learning materials consists of written texts, exercises, worksheets and videos.

You will receive 12 lessons spread over 35 days, with over 4 hours of video content. This will give you the time to work through the exercises and make a real difference to your dog’s well-being.

There is also the possibility to ask questions via email.

Will you join us?

Are you ready to start helping your dog feel more relaxed and improve your relationship? Improve your knowledge and skills so that you’re able to help your dog to feel great!

Fearless course

Reduce your dog's stress levels for a better relationship.
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